Does An HVAC System Include A Dehumidifier Or Do You Need To Buy One Separately?

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    Does your HVAC system include a dehumidifier? The answer is no. Do you need a dehumidifier? In some instances, having one would certainly be an extra advantage. And you have choices as to what type of system you want to purchase.

    There are whole-house dehumidifier attachments or add-ons for HVAC systems, and there are stand-alone dehumidifiers. But wait, doesn’t an AC take away moisture from the air? Yes, it does, and in fact, dehumidifiers work in almost the same fashion. But there is one major difference.

    When a dehumidifier takes moisture from the air, it does not cool the air. Linked to an HVAC system, that air would then be dispersed to the outdoors and be replaced with cool air. You still may be left wondering why you would want one of these machines.

    Let me tell you a story. Living on the ocean, any dwelling is subject to extra moisture. That is one situation right there in which people would want to opt for a dehumidifier. Yet also based on my experience, I can tell you why anyone might want one.

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    Moisture causes some of the most intense problems in a household. You don’t want moisture accumulating. That goes for attics, basements and any nooks and crannies. In some cases, a stand-alone dehumidifier may be good enough, but just remember it’s not likely to help out your entire home.

    For such a device to aid your entire home in ridding itself of moisture, you need the equipment that can be added on to your HVAC system. Yes, they are more expensive, but they do a whole lot more for you as well. Think about where you live and what you need.

    In my case, I lived right on the ocean in a condo that is a prime example of a place that should have a dehumidifier. Yet my condo was only 450 square feet and was air conditioned by a window unit. Therefore, in that case, a stand-alone dehumidifier would have worked out great. For best HVAC repair options locally you should do a thorough research to get a good deal.

    In fact, there would be no way to install the whole home version. But at your place of residence, perhaps you are thinking about getting the whole house unit. Ask yourself whether or not you live in a dry or humid climate. I will also provide another example.

    I moved temporarily to a place that doesn’t get much rain and is dry and hot for a lot of the year. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to have a dehumidifier in a home here. When the rain finally does come, it cools and moistens the summer landscape that looks almost like a dessert beforehand.

    If anything, people where I live now need a humidifier. But on the ocean and in cities with very moist climates, having a dehumidifier can be helpful. And the whole home units can do so much more for you. You might have to spend a little more, but it could be worth it, depending on the situation. At least now you also know that an HVAC system doesn’t take the moisture out of the room in the same way a dehumidifier does.

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